Thursday, April 13, 2006

Poetry Thursday- Scotties Favorite Poet

Ive chosen a poem by Robert Burns for poetry Thursday Robert Burns is a favorite poet of Scotties. Scottie said,"Wherever a Scotsman goes, there goes Burns." Scottie carries a book of Burns poetry with him. He likes to sing and whistle them.

I dream'd I lay where flowers were springing

Gaily in the sunny beam;

List'ning to the wild birds singing,

By a falling crystal stream:

Straight the sky grew black and daring;

Thro' the woods the whirlwinds rave;

Tress with aged arms were warring,

O'er the swelling drumlie wave.

Such was my life's deceitful morning,

Such the pleasures I enjoyed:

But lang or noon, loud tempests storming

A'my flowery bliss destroy'd.

Tho' fickle fortune has deceiv'd me-

She promis'd fair, and perform'd but ill,

Of mony a joy and hope bereav'd me-

I a heart shall support me still.

Robert Burns

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Endment said...

I like this - can you read it with the scot's burr?

Jennifer said...

lovely selection. I'm enjoying your lost blog :)