Friday, April 07, 2006

Nothing Unusual

Do You ever feel...?

Dear Doctor,
As my psychiatrist, I thought that I should consider the possibility that you might... as I contemplate various aspects of my situation... actually the point of my writing you is nothing really. Well its something of course, but nothing really unusual.

To put it simply and directly - I think directness is a good thing, don't you? I mean directness could be considered a virtue. But of course directness aside, I may have a problem, insignificant as problems go, I am sure. This problem appears to be somewhat similar to fear, although only at first glance. However, it does appear that there may be some areas in which my problem and fear share some commonalities.

In attempting to discern the nature of this problem there are a number of points, in which in my attempt to define the character of my problem, I feel there may be some possibility of benefit to exploring these commonalities (as I say simply as a tool to define the character of the problem) although obviously in reality the real nature of the problem has nothing to do with fear. I simply suggest this exploration as a starting point, as an entrance for analyses, in the absence of a more advantageous starting point. Consideration must be given to the possible sensitive nature of this obviously unusual problem.

Obviously, cowardice is not a point of comparison since the existence of bravery is not in question. On more careful consideration, the presence of possible similarities must be considered superficial and of no true relevance; the problem requires further exploration. Some other aspects might better bear exploration since obviously the nature of this problem bears only a superficial resemblance to fear. I myself - nether at this time or at any time in the past - have had any acquaintance with fear. Obviously the significance of this entire problem must be called into question.


Earlier this week while I was in Greenwich Village I felt myself getting nervous. I started making fun of my fears in my notebook, while I was writing I remembered a response I had read to a question at a senate inquiry, the response had amused me because it went on at length without saying anything of relevance. Then I thought of legal documents - the kind insurance companies have or the ones we are asked to sign if we buy a house.

Anyhow, that's how I came up with this piece of chaotic neurosis. Before I was done my case of nerves had passed.


Kristin said...

This is so great! I love it! Puts words to the gymnastics so many of us do in our minds to push toward and pull away from saying how we feel, asking for help, etc.

Karl said...

Hi, just checking out your blog. I saw that we're both doing the Lost Blogs thing next week. Look forward to reading your stuff.

Endment said...

Wow--- I have felt like that!
Usually it is when I think I need to talk with a doctor...

Sky said...

:) Fun way to begin my day! Thanks for the interesting post. Haven't we all been there before - rambling around a subject in a hundred circles, seeming to chase our own tales oops tails?! ;)