Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lost Blogs Part 4 or The Alaska trip

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Scottie came to America from Scotland as a young boy.
He is quite a world traveler, visiting places like India, Canada, HImalayas, Manchuria, Siberia, Australia and New Zealand. I was fortunate to be with him again when he traveled in Alaska. During our Alaska trip Scottie and a missionary, Samuel, had quite an adventure and a close call.

We were traveling together on board ship. Reaching the Hudson's Bay trading post at Glenora about one o'clock, the ship’s captain said we would stay there until the next morning. Scottie decided to climb a mountain for views of the peaks and glaciers in the area, thinking that if he hiked back during the night he would be back to the boat before time to leave; Samuel accompanied him. Shortly before sunset, Samuel took a bad fall. He screamed and Scottie rushed back to find Samuel clutching the brink of a gully that plunged down a thousand feet or more to a small glacier. With great difficulty Scottie managed to drag him back up away from the precipice.

Both of Samuel’s arms had been dislocated in the fall. Scottie was able to set one back in place but not the other. Scottie built a fire and said he would run down the mountain and get help from the boat to carry him down but Samuel insisted he could walk and did not want to be left alone.

Slowly and painstakingly, stopping frequently to rest, they made there way down the mountain. When at last they reached the ship, the captain, Nat Lane, heard their urgent calls and hurried down to help them. Soon they had Samuel on board. The captain gave him a large amount of brandy. Then holding down his shoulders they were able to get the shoulder set. Samuel was then put in bed where he slept all the way back to Wrangell.

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