Monday, January 08, 2007

Short Update

Today as I walked back from my doctor appointment,along tenth street the streets were lined with discarded Christmas tree and the crisp city air smelled of pine. I have been busy working on my book so this is going to be short. Ive been asking myself today what is this garbage you are writing, but I am telling myself to keep writing even if it is garbage sooner or later Ill stop writing garbage. Besides my son flew home last night and it keeps my mind off of missing him.
My boyfriend broke up with me this morning again and writing is keeping me to busy to think of him also.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Question

the New Year
brings fresh pages to write on
what will I write?
will the year write on me?
or will I write on it?

Thursday, January 04, 2007


The good news is I am on page five of my book. The bad news is I got stuck there went on vacation and I haven't been writing. I always look forward to vacation with much anticipation but it is so tiring and isn't that ridiculous I am complaining about being on vacation really I have been having great fun. fun can be so tiring. I am in the hotel lobby using their computer so I can have some quiet time its really noisy in my room right now and since I am tired I feel extra cranky about that the lobby is totally peaceful here not even a single person in sight. Today is my last day of vacation and while I am disappointed about that I am looking forward to getting some rest. I think Ill get my note book and bring it down to the lobby maybe I can work on a little writing or a poem.