Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Golden Wings

Fly through the skyon wings of gold
Sing your
song of buzzing
kiss the flowers and
save plenty of honey.
But sting me not!
Fly through the sky
on wings of gold
Sing your
song of flight
kiss the flowers and
gather plenty of nectar
into sweet honey to make
But, sting me not!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Samuel I. Newhouse

red haired man sprawls across three seats reading the amazing Spiderman

a man searches the trash can leaves with today’s paper

two sit side by side eating hotdogs and sharing a drink

he holds the door for her. Her hand trails across his but as she passes him.

leaning on the railing a woman with two handbags talks into her cell…

the boats engine rumbles voices merge in chattering chorus

cool breeze from open window drifts across my face

a string of green lights trim the bridge as if two trees with red stars atop each tree

the two ferries pass each other lights aglow in the night

men refold their newspapers

I stifle a yawn

Spiderman reader turns a page

newspapers are refolded again

“all crew members, please prepare for docking ,all crew members, prepare for docking”

newspapers go into the trash can a few passengers stroll to the end of the boat

intent redhead continues to read Spiderman engrossed

passengers voices compete with the sound of the engine

the ferry approaches the dock and remaining passengers move forward seats are empty now

“all ashore
all passengers
must leave the boat
at this time
all ashore please
all ashore”

the clock flashes 10:56 PM 07/24/06

toddlers voice pierces my ears

Friday, July 14, 2006

Just a Few Thoughts

Had a lousy morning, my last appointment with my psychiatrist he’s transferring me to another doctor feel depressed and stressed about that am not looking forward to meeting a new doctor. I went and saw Peter afterwards and my day got much better I was feeling very upset and weepy Peter was very comforting he put needles in my ears and gave me one of his beautiful energy blessings (he doesn’t call them blessings but that’s how they make me feel), then I went to Rock Star where I spent the afternoon looking at rocks the store owner noticed my hand was hurting and found some crystals for me to hold to ease the pain it worked to. The first one he handed me was a clear quartz it gave me prickles from my scalp to my ankles, and it has a very intense personality then he handed me a pair of green stones with burl type markings one for each hand they had a much calmer quieter energy. Last he handed me a pair of creamy yellow and white stone that he said come from caves their energy was very soft and soothing which I thought was odd because I didn’t expect a rock to feel soft. He compared their feeling to chicken soup.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This piece was done in photoshop.


A collage I did a while back mixed media it was part of an art therapy project.


Haiku aspirations
In summer heat
Carolyn Morgan copyright 2005
Used with permission

I ran an errand just two blocks away I feel wilted it is HOT out there. Humid hot and the air smells stale outside and it stinks of diesel and I don’t know what. I am not getting much done mostly just sitting in front of the fan.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Long Day

Spent the entire day yesterday at the doctors, took my poor son with me because I was planning on going to YJ Harmonys’ meditation afterwards I didn’t even come close it had been over for couple of hours by the time I was finished. I don’t understand how going to the doctors and sitting in a chair for five hours doing nothing can be so exhausting. When I left I was so tired I felt like sitting down in the middle of the street and crying, I came home and lay down to tired to undress I went to sleep still wearing my blue jeans and my glasses.

The cat woke me up walking on the bed beside me when she curled up next to me I remembered that I don’t have a cat anymore. I got up and visited Beyond the Fields We Know she has some beautiful posts I would look at each post and think the same thing “oh wow, beautiful!” I started laughing at myself for being so repetitive.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Taking a Moment to Catch Up

It's been a crazy week on the downside. I've been given notice I have to move the end of this month, finding housing in New York is hard enough without my nonexistent budget.
On the plus side, I saw a black bear this week in the yard will visiting friends and that night. About one o'clock, I got to see a flying squirrel was absolutely adorable with the biggest eyes( yes,good things can happen when you have insomnia).
Last night, I went to Peter's workshop it was the perfect thing for a stressful week a completely beautiful experience. I am looking forward to the next one on July 21th Friday at 7:00 pm at A.R.E.
A friend of mine sent me an email with this link, its worth a visit.