Friday, July 14, 2006

Just a Few Thoughts

Had a lousy morning, my last appointment with my psychiatrist he’s transferring me to another doctor feel depressed and stressed about that am not looking forward to meeting a new doctor. I went and saw Peter afterwards and my day got much better I was feeling very upset and weepy Peter was very comforting he put needles in my ears and gave me one of his beautiful energy blessings (he doesn’t call them blessings but that’s how they make me feel), then I went to Rock Star where I spent the afternoon looking at rocks the store owner noticed my hand was hurting and found some crystals for me to hold to ease the pain it worked to. The first one he handed me was a clear quartz it gave me prickles from my scalp to my ankles, and it has a very intense personality then he handed me a pair of green stones with burl type markings one for each hand they had a much calmer quieter energy. Last he handed me a pair of creamy yellow and white stone that he said come from caves their energy was very soft and soothing which I thought was odd because I didn’t expect a rock to feel soft. He compared their feeling to chicken soup.


silverlight said...

I carry a piece of rose Quartz. In my purse or pocket.
Goodness , That is the pits, having to change Doctors agin. It's like getting half way through a book. Then having to go back to page one. You end up not getting anywhere.

kerrdelune said...

Now let me see. . . . there is a nice polished piece of unakite from the wilds and tiny bits of turquoise and rose quartz in my bag. Then there is my carnelian ring. They all make me feel good. UCK, a new doctor - when that happens, one is starting over again and trying to forge a good working diagnostic (or healing) relationship.

AscenderRisesAbove said...