Monday, July 24, 2006

The Samuel I. Newhouse

red haired man sprawls across three seats reading the amazing Spiderman

a man searches the trash can leaves with today’s paper

two sit side by side eating hotdogs and sharing a drink

he holds the door for her. Her hand trails across his but as she passes him.

leaning on the railing a woman with two handbags talks into her cell…

the boats engine rumbles voices merge in chattering chorus

cool breeze from open window drifts across my face

a string of green lights trim the bridge as if two trees with red stars atop each tree

the two ferries pass each other lights aglow in the night

men refold their newspapers

I stifle a yawn

Spiderman reader turns a page

newspapers are refolded again

“all crew members, please prepare for docking ,all crew members, prepare for docking”

newspapers go into the trash can a few passengers stroll to the end of the boat

intent redhead continues to read Spiderman engrossed

passengers voices compete with the sound of the engine

the ferry approaches the dock and remaining passengers move forward seats are empty now

“all ashore
all passengers
must leave the boat
at this time
all ashore please
all ashore”

the clock flashes 10:56 PM 07/24/06

toddlers voice pierces my ears


silverlight said...

I love this! What a nice vignette. A snapshot of life in passing.
Really well expressed.

Anonymous said...

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