Saturday, October 20, 2007


Leaves, brown, falling, acorns, squirrels, migration, geese, pumpkins, corn, cranberries, nuts, Halloween, golden, orange, rust…I think of fall I think of autumn leaves I think to me that’s what fall is all about the leaves orange, red, apricot, yellow bright glowing colors of the leaves that and hot apple cider although somehow the apple cider doesn’t taste as good as I expect it to this year the leaves aren’t as bright and colorful as usual some yellows and golds, browns but almost no orange or red the colors are disappointing so far this year.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Today I started packing to go away for a few days six shirts, six pairs of socks, gloves, and scarves incase of cold weather. It’s a pleasant 70 degrees outside today but not knowing how long such good weather will last I am taking some warmer clothing with me. I just love the weather we are having right now its warm without being hot, comfortable weather. I am not a good traveler traveling tires me out but I find myself looking forward to this trip a nice change of pace don’t you like a change of pace every now and then I think a little verity is good.