Monday, January 08, 2007

Short Update

Today as I walked back from my doctor appointment,along tenth street the streets were lined with discarded Christmas tree and the crisp city air smelled of pine. I have been busy working on my book so this is going to be short. Ive been asking myself today what is this garbage you are writing, but I am telling myself to keep writing even if it is garbage sooner or later Ill stop writing garbage. Besides my son flew home last night and it keeps my mind off of missing him.
My boyfriend broke up with me this morning again and writing is keeping me to busy to think of him also.


Anonymous said...

Muito po├ętico.

silverlight said...

Well-fiddle sticks. Isn't that the absolute pits.
Just write. write how you feel.

KerrdeLune said...

Harmony, you are asking yourself questions which I ask myself every single day, and I suppose the answer is: keep wthinking, keep writing and keep making art - somewhere in our endeavours is light and wisdom too.

.... hope you are feeling well these days.