Friday, April 14, 2006

Lost Blogs

Again in Alaska we had to learn to adapt our habits of eating and this time it was not a shortage of meat. On our canoe voyage northward to see glaciers Scottie invited our guide Tow-a-att to eat with us at our first meal. Samuel Young set out the bread and butter, placing them by Tow-a-att. He looked at the butter and the three of them, took out his hunting knife cut off a third of the butter, cut it into squares and ate it with enthusiasm. Samuel started to show him how to use the butter when Scottie winked and stopped him. Tow-a-att ate his third of butter rubbed his stomach and said “very good grease.”

The first of November: As we were paddling up the Chilcat River we came into sight of the Yin-des-tukki village. The native men came rushing out with guns in their hands; we were greeted with a shower of bullets falling all around us. We ceased paddling but Tow-a-att commanded “paddle! paddle!” Amid dropping bullets we continued up the channel to the village. Men came running down the beach shouting. Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you here? “Stickeen “Scottie shouted back. “A preacher chief and an ice chief are here to bring you a message.” Our answer was shouted to the Indians farther down the beach. Then came a reply: we were to be guests of Chief Don-na-wuk or Silver Eye. When our canoe touched sand forty or fifty slaves came running forward into the water picked up our canoe with us still in it and rushed up the bank to the chiefs house, setting us down in his doorway. The chief's house was large; 50 or 60 feet inside the chief was sitting by a fire dressed in a calico shirt and a blanket. We exchanged greetings and gave the chief gifts of tobacco and rice. The chief said he was worried; he wanted to offer us food in case we were hungry after our travels but that the white Cheifs food was so much better than his that he was embarrassed to give us his food. We said we would be honored to eat his food. Looking relived he ordered food prepared for us. We were seated around the fire. Huge bowls were placed before each of us. The first course was dried salmon; a whole bowl for each of us served with a dressing of seal grease. Our bowls were cleaned and the second course was brought: big chunks of deer back fat served with a gravy of seal grease. The third course was small Russian potatoes served in seal grease. And finally fresh berries and rosehips in, yes, seal grease.

Well, expect you would know who Scottie is by now. Just in case here’s a few things I’ve learned about Scottie

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said this about Scottie:
" a role model to generations of Californians and to conservationists around the world. He taught us to be active and to enjoy -- but at the same time protect -- our parks, our beaches, and our mountains." –
Of course Governor Schwarzenegger does not call the Scotsman by his nickname Scottie as I do.

I found out this morning that there is a vineyard in Sonora California owned by Scottie's father-in-law.

A few of the honors Scottie has received
• A.M., Harvard University, 1896
• LL.D, University of Wisconsin, 1897
• Litt.D., Yale University, 1911
• Member, American Academy of Arts and Letters
• Member, Washington Academy of Science
• Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
• President, Sierra Club
• President, American Alpine Club

An annual theater production of Scottie’s story is preformed by the Willows Theatre Company in Concord, California.

This quote by Scottie is engraved on Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh, Scotland
"The battle for conservation will go on endlessly.
It is part of the universal battle between right and wrong."

So if you know Scotties real name post it in the comment box. I hope you have enjoyed reading about our explorations. And do try these links to find out more about Lost Blogs.
Sincerely, Chilwell

The Lost Blogs and Kapgar


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I don't think I have to ask - This is John Muir, one of my favorite naturalists and authors.
Loved your post Chilwel. Hope you will continue to share your adventures

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Of course you don’t have to ask you are absolutely right.