Saturday, April 22, 2006

List Friday on Saturday

From the Mets Collection

This weeks list Friday is ten things I love about where I live. Part of the time I live in the city and part of the time in the woods, so I've made two lists.
This week I am posting Friday's list on Saturday, I thought I was just tired from spending to much time on the computer I was trying to put a graphic in my blogs header-computers are so much easier when you know what you are doing- my eyes were burning and I felt achy, I blamed it on to much staring at the computer. Turns out I was coming down with rubella I think I am to old for it but that doesn't seem to matter. I am visiting my parents, which is good for me because no matter how old I get to be, nothing/no one is the same as Mom especially when I am sick.

First list
Being close to family
The parks
The art museums
The fall colors
Spring flowers
The quaint coffee shops
Street musicians
Magnolia trees
Acupuncture energy and sound healing on Tuesdays and Thursday

Second list
Being close to family
Fall colors
The wild turkeys
The river
The quiet
Wild mushrooms
Lady Slippers
Dogwood trees


Jennifer said...

Sounds wonderful!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

wild mushrooms and lady slippers..
love those words.