Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Would

The topic at sundayscribblings is
what would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?
  • Hug a bear in his lair
  • Kiss a tiger on his ear
  • Dance with cranes in the noonday sun, flap my wings and beat a drum
  • Sing with the whales a song of dreaming, search the ocean’s heart for dreams I’ve lost
  • Tell you a story so sad that we both will weep
  • Paint a picture so full of love that the paint will kiss your soul
  • With my thread and needle stitch by stitch tear by tear make the world whole
  • Tie my fear to the tail of a kite casting it far out on the wind
  • Run barefoot through the stars gather stardust from heaven above, I’ll dust the earth with heaven’s love
  • Then I will reach out to you and show you the love in my heart
sunday scribblings


Kara said...

I like how you wrote this. I can see each one as a painting. Are you familiar with the work of Cooper Edens? - it has that kind of feeling.

vicci said...

I LOVE this!

megg said...

I loved how each part of this was so full and yet they all came together so well. This was a really lovely post. I loved the running barefoot in the stars - sigh!

naturallynice said...

You have a way with words... Such powerful images!

Thanks for stopping by.


tess said...

This is really, really beautiful. Thank you.

In Otter Space said...

Hug a bear! Oh my!
Kiss a tiger on his ear! How brave!
Dance with cranes! How fun!

Jennifer said...


kerrdelune said...

"With my thread and needle stitch by stitch tear by tear make the world whole. . ."

May I assist you in these enterprises? I loved this one. . . .

Sky said...

just lovely - such beautiful phrasing! your sunday scribblings turned into a poem. :)

thanks for the note about endment -please tell her we miss her and will be glad when she is online again!

Endment said...

this is really beautiful
I am with kerrdelune lets get out the needle and thread

altermyworld said...

thank you for visiting my blog. I stumbled upon yours some time ago and meant to post a comment. I swear.
I have to stop lurking.
I loved your way with words, something about them seem sad, yet hopeful