Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This evening, I went to a sound healing group at St. Vincent's on 7th and 12th Street. The sound healer Ruth Cunningham played a medieval harp and the flute. Before going there I was not feeling good. While listening the toning was energizing, getting rid of my achy grogginess while at the same time relaxing me. I love the fact that even though I am totally unmusical I can participate in the group. My favorite part is at the end when Ruth plays her own improvisations. Afterwards I felt an incredible sense of serenity. I love going to these sound healing groups. Each time I each time I go I feel like it is more enjoyable.

Have you ever been to a sound healer? How was it?


Endment said...

I have read a bit about sound healing but have never been. I am looking forward to finding an opporunity.

krista said...

I have had reiki done to me with "tuning forks" which make a "ding" sound. Also, this same healer would make sounds as she worked on me.

It was the best experience I have ever had with a healer. She was awesome.

harmonyinline said...

Oh, I love reiki. St Vincents in Manhattan where I go to the sound healing group also has reiki,its made such a difference.There is a post by a reiki healer thats very intresting. http://beltain.blogspot.com/2006/02/my-reiki-history.html