Saturday, March 11, 2006

Artist way

It’s a warm beautiful day today and I have had the flu. If that wasn't bad enough my hip started acting up again Thursday. I want to go out and play. Instead I am taking muscle relaxers and Advil, staying in bed with my heating pad, drinking tea and eating chicken soup with cayenne, and sleeping. How anyone can sleep this much I don't know.

Didn’t do very well with my artist way assignments this week, I did my pages most days but that’s it .I didn’t finish reading the chapter or do the assignments. Got up a while ago and read some of your blogs. They are inspiring but now I am going back to bed.


Endment said...

So sorry your are ill. That little flu bug must have a lot of family members or else he sneeks out when I'm not looking

Get well soon!

Blue Dog said...

Please feel better soon...and take extra good care of yourself.

and those tomatoes you painted--WOW! Incredible. :)

Leah said...

i hope you're on the mend. take care!