Friday, March 03, 2006

Artist Way Task

Earlier this week I read the task Color Schemes: “Pick a color and write a quick few sentences describing yourself.” I thought of celadon, a warm color both blue and green, yet nether blue or green, a color of light magic and serenity. But today as I work on the tasks, I feel like a rainbow gone bad, all the colors got mixed together in a muddy mess. I feel muffled and dingy; my brain and emotions feel foggy. Even though it’s the middle of the day I took a bath and washed my hair to try and wash that muddy feeling away. I think it helped a little. Writing this is also some help; I think writing cleans out the brain.

What I really need is some music… (I just put a CD "The Poet" on by Michael Hoppe, maybe thats what I need)

On to the next task: “List five things you are not allowed to do.” I’ve reached the place where the only one who allows me to do things or not to is myself. What is it that I don’t allow myself to do? I wonder how I am going to answer this question....

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Leah said...

great post. i could relate a lot to the muddy feeling. and yes, it's all about what we don't allow ourselves to do isn't it?