Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do You Like to Write?

You Should Be A Poet

You craft words well, in creative and unexpected ways.
And you have a great talent for evoking beautiful imagery...
Or describing the most intense heartbreak ever.
You're already naturally a poet, even if you've never written a poem.
What type of writer should you be?
Try the link above and let me know,
what kind of writer you are or you should be.
What kind of writer do you wish you were?


Endment said...

Interesting evaluation

Our replies must have been similar my response was I should be a Poet

Nature journaling and writing about some little known American historical figure tempt me a lot.

What kind of a writer do you want to be?

Beltane said...

Joke writer!? Okay, most of my life is a joke.
Love Candi