Thursday, January 26, 2006

When I First Started Going to the 9/11 program

When I first started going to the World Trade Center Healing Services I went for the acupuncture. I thought the Reiki was kind of weird. My ex does energy work and I was clear that having energy work done to one was a unpleasant thing. I really didn't want anything to do with it.

Now I’ve been converted, I go for the Reiki treatments. The Reiki and acupuncture complement each other. I ring the bell the receptionist lets us in; we sign in, and then walk down the short hall to a room where music is playing softly. There are two large windows on two of the walls, which are overlooking Maiden Lane and Broadway. Peter the Reiki master greets us with a beatific smile. Besides being a Reiki master he’s also a musician and composer. If I get a chance I would really like to paint his portrait.

Peter gives us a small packet with an alcohol wipe. I wipe both ears going over them twice to make sure I don't miss any spots. I take my favorite chair in front of the window overlooking Maiden Lane. Peter places the needles in my ears with such a gentle touch that I scarcely feel them. I immediately start to feel a sense of relaxing peacefulness. He holds his hand over my head. The feelings during Reiki are individual and different for each person but for me, I very often feel soothing warmth and a sense of blessing as if I have been encircled by sunlight. Eyes closed, I slide into a deep and relaxing peacefulness and lose all sense of time. About 30 minutes later, he gently touches my shoulder and as I come back to reality he removes the needles from my ears.

The feeling of peace and serenity lingers for several days. Amazingly, it also relieves my headache and my back pain when my medication doesn't work.


Beltane said...

I sarted my reiki training in 1996 and have been teaching and treating people ever since. I is without a doubt the most rewarding thing that has ever come into my life. The serenity it has brought me is amazing. It has changed my life for the better.
Love Candi

Endment said...

Sounds good.... I am ready for an accupuncture treatment