Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thirsty For Spring

I don’t feel deep today. Actually I feel very superficial, wanting to escape any deep or serious thoughts. I blame the snow for this. When it snows I want to escape winter and the cold. I want to crawl deep into my blankets and hibernate until spring.

I look out the window and see a pair of doves huddled on the birdfeeder. The wind is blowing gusts of snow around them. I feel sorry for them. Should I invite them inside out of the cold? I’ll remind them not to drop the shells from their seed on the floor, to wipe their feet and their beaks and to use the toilet instead of the carpet. We can listen to music on the CD player; have warm tea with crackers while we wait for spring together. Many birds and people flew south for the winter but New York is my home and I have begun to lose my taste for traveling and new places. As wonderful as they sound, traveling is exhausting.

There is so much of New York I haven’t seen yet but right now I don’t even want to get out of bed much less go out the front door. Seventy or eighty degrees would be so wonderful. Sunshine, apple blossoms, daffodils, pear trees blooming, warm breezes, tall glasses of ice tea and sunbeams, warm spring rain… I am thirsty for spring.

I was walking on the beach a few days ago. What a delight, even though it involved a lot of shivering! I was buried under long johns, sweaters, coat, scarf, hat and gloves but it still involved shivering. The cold chased me off the beach much too soon… I am still thirsty for spring.

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