Sunday, January 15, 2006

Artist Way starting week two

Today I started reading week two in The Artist Way. Reading the section about crazymakers, immediately my ex flashed into my mind. Living with him was destructive. Repeatedly he bragged that he deliberately created chaos. He said that creating chaos gave him control and kept everyone off balance. To quote him, “I thrive on chaos”
It’s a relief not to be living in chaos anymore.

Task Three –List twenty things I enjoy doing and the last time I did them
I had a really hard time getting started with this task, I thought I was never going to come up with twenty things I almost gave up at five, but I managed to finish it and actually ended up with two extra things.

Painting - ?
Walking on the beach – January 4, 2006
Drinking a hot cup of tea – January 15, 2006
Listening to music – January 15, 2006
Sitting in a garden in the sunshine - ?
Having an acupuncture treatment – December , 2005
Visiting with friends and family – January 15, 2006
Looking at art – January 14, 2006
Holding my nephew – January 6, 2006
Collecting rocks – 2000
Going for a Reiki treatment – January 5, 2006
Taking art classes - ?
Getting my hair done -?
Feeding seagulls - ?
Taking a nap in the sunshine - ?
Watching a lightening storm - ?
Smelling flowers - ?
Writing – January 15, 2006
Buying a new lipstick - ?
Sculpting -?
Canoeing - ?
Raising baby chickens and geese - 1994

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kat said...

watching a lightning storm is on my list too. sometimes it's the simplest things that are the most fun!