Thursday, January 05, 2006


Sam and I went to Reiki and acupuncture at the World Trade Center Healing Services on Broadway in Manhattan. It had been over three weeks since I had my last Reiki treatment. That is way to long to go without Reiki. This time it was especially wonderful I felt serene and totally at peace with the world and myself. It was an incredible relaxing feeling. Afterwards Sam and I went around the corner, where Sam bought some game-cards at the comic shop, and then we went to "Klatch", a coffee bar. I wanted some tea. They have really outstanding treats; Sam had one of their chocolate cookies with powdered sugar and a slice of their cherry pie. It looked so good, I had to taste his pie. I didn't believe it could be any good. Most places serve heavy flavorless pie crust but this crust was delicious, very close to as good as my brother makes, and my brother makes the best piecrust I've ever eaten.

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I have a good pie crust recipe if you would like.