Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I walked down to the Every Thing Goes Book Café and ordered a drink I can’t pronounce Vanillaccino the menu calls it a blended frappe with syrup all I know is that its an iced espresso drink and its cold the cold part is important because today’s hot. I walked down to the café hoping the atmosphere would help me to write and also I am looking for a book to read. I seam to have a lot of time on my hands lately and not much to do. I used to dream of having more time to myself. it’s a dream come true turned into a nightmare I am so board its pathetic If I didn’t have my writing I don’t know what Id do only worse than writers block I find I have nothing to say I read threw writing prompts and they leave me totally blank today I was reading Julia Camerons The Right to Write: she says you don’t have to be in the mood to write that you just write and the mood will come so I am sitting here in the café sipping my icy drink and writing.


kerrdeLune (cate) said...

Harmony, it happens often - I sit down here in the morning and my mind is a blank slate. I sip my French Roast slowly and wait for the muse to show up in the doorway and wave her magic wand - sometimes she comes and sometimes she does not.

z-silverlight said...

Hi, Doll, glad to see you again.
I know about writer's block too. You know what. Just write about anything. Pick a simple subject. What was your first impression of New York?
Hang in there dear.

Wenda said...

Hi Harmony, I find my muse comes more often when she knows where to find me and and can trust that I'll be here even if she finds me writing about boredom. ;)