Sunday, August 19, 2007

List of Ten

I am sitting on the bed next to the window its gray and overcast outside such a pleasant change from the hot days we have been having. I am looking at a book I bought today Journaling for Joyby Joyce Chapman, it talks about Journaling our memories and I’ve realized that I don’t like thinking about my memories to me memories are scary things and I try to avoid them. Another chapter is called listing your life, it has an assignment to list what I like I’ve decided to make it a list of ten that shouldn’t be to hard and I can always make another list another day.
1 hamburgers
2 a clean room
3 to have enough money
4 haveing friends
5 dangly earrings
6 red shoes
7 spending time with my son
8 a good book to read
9 cats
10 fall leaves

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