Sunday, June 18, 2006


Summer stillness
warm breezes
blue sky, fluffy clouds
juicy green oval
sweet fragrant juice
dripping down my chin

I've had several requests for information about working with Photoshop so I've written directions on how I added type to this picture here at the Inspired Pen


Endment said...

Yummy - love this succulent piece

kerrdelune said...

This is beautiful and so evocative. Thanks you for it, and now I am going over to look at "The Inspired Pen" and see how it is done - I do this once in a while using Corel PhotoPaint, but I blush to admit it after seeing your work of art!

Jennifer said...

just gorgeous, how good of you to share your how-to as well. Now I need to get PS!

silverlight said...

Really nice piece of art.
Makes me remember how much I liked pears.
I can't eat fruit anymore.