Tuesday, May 09, 2006


This is one of a series of photos of egg and ribbon pictures I took about four years ago. The ribbon is antique, modern ribbon just does not drape the way the old ribbon does and I loved the combination of textures. The ribbon is my mothers antique satin silk ribbon she wasn’t happy to find it draped across the rough wood but she is amazingly supportive of all my artistic endeavors.

While I was at the doctors today he noticed that my hand was bothering me and asked me about it. He told me that people who ignore the pain like I was doing end up unable to even button their own shirts, that would be very depressing. I told him he was scary. Something I now feel kind of guilty about I hope I didn’t offend. But I am not to use my right hand. I am typing this with my left hand but I have to limit that also since I am having a little trouble with it. Anyway the reason I am telling you all this is I want to ask you to be tolerant with me when I am slow answering your emails and leave absurdly short comments.

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Endment said...

Beautiful photo
So sorry about your hand!!!
Hope you take good care of it!
Feel better soon.
You don't need to answer my comments. (till your hand is better)