Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book of Dreams - What I did

The cover of my book
Parts of the book will show through. Since I didn’t like the cover of my book, I painted it red and gold and let it dry before I began the foil process.

I glued directly to the cover although C. covered chipboard and glued that to the cover of her book

Mark the size and area of your book that you want to cover. Or cut your chipboard to size.
Crumple cheap thin aluminum foil
Smooth it out
Spread glue (we used Elmer’s’ Glue but any good glue will work) one side at a time on the book where you want to apply the foil. As you spread out the foil work it tightly against the cover. Make certain there are still wrinkles and folds in the foil.
Continue working until you have finished applying the foil.

When dry, clean the aluminum foil with a soft lint-free cloth or lint-free paper towel dampened with ammonia.

Use Golden ®GAC 200 medium and mix with liquid acrylic. Ten parts paint to one part of the medium (Do not add water!)

Paint the foil. I used several layers of different metallic colors. Allow a bit of the foil to show through. Let dry between each color of paint.

If your color begins to look to heavy, you can remove some of the paint by sanding lightly with 600-grade sandpaper

I used
Golden® GAC 200 medium
The instructions I learned from use Golden Fluid Acrylics… These were not available in my area and were very expensive so I used FolkArt Plaid Paints
Metalic Periwinkle

I finished with Golden Mica Flake Large
And stenciled "Dreams" on the front

Book of Dreams Project


Ontario Wanderer said...

Very nice effect! I hope the paint/foil stick well to the book cover. I'd like to get started on the dream book idea and maybe today is the day with your work as inspiration.

crafty said...

just FAB....just love the colors..they marry so well todgether. thanx for sharing
ciao joan in italy

Rambling said...

I posted my cover as you requested. Your book is looking great. Thanks for the instructions. http://rambling-one.blogspot.com/2006/05/book-of-dreams.html

Endment said...

This is nice --- guess I will have to start one - thanks for the inspiration

Caroline said...

Gorgeous work with foil on the cover of your book!

I decided my book was A secret book of dreams and so haven't been posting about it... and I hadn't felt inspired to do metallic until I saw this - thanks.