Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chill in the Air

Today I am feeling cold its sixty degrees here today. I don’t remember where I packed my sweaters, I did find a jacket. This morning I made a cup of coco the chill in the air seemed to call for it, the time for ice tea is over no more summer dresses now the weather calls for long sleeved shirts. I miss the warmer weather but I am looking forward to the autumn leaves turning colors in the coming weeks already a few yellow leaves float to the ground.

I am reading A Woman's Paththe book describes women’s spiritual journey and travel a kaleidoscope of spiritual beliefs and exotic locations. It’s an inspiring read.

Today I am packing for a short visit to the city. It’s a little overwhelming the amount of things I need camera, the laptop computer, changes of clothing, bottled water, books, food. I am not a light packer I know I am taking to much, but what to leave behind when I try to eliminate things I just end up thinking of one more thing I need to take with me.


lila said...

I just followed the link to information about the book. It looks like a great read!
I recently read Elizabeth Gilbert's
"Eat, Pray, Love" which was enjoyable....I'm an armchair traveler!

z-silverlight said...

when packing, realize you end up only really NEEDING half of what you packed.

Cheri said...

Interesting to know.