Sunday, December 04, 2005

there is no harmony in my mind today

Last night a man was shot on the sidewalk in front of the house where I live. The street was filled with police officers, police cars and the St Vincents ambulance with its lights flashing in the dark. I know very little about what happened. All I have found out is that shots were fired and the man who was shot fired back. When police and Ambulance arrived he refused help. When last seen he was staggeringly attempting to walk.We were unsettled and unable to sleep. I knitted and listened to music until two a.m. when I decided I should go to bed. Two or three hours later I could hear my brother moving around downstairs also unable to sleep.
This morning I am urged out of bed by my neice "come see the snow." Looking out my window I see that during the early hours everything has been covered with white snow. Allthough there is no trace left of last night's violence, I know that the man who was shot is in pain.I feel disconnected today, things don't make sense.

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Endment said...

"God may still be in His Heaven, but there is more than sufficient evidence that all is not right with the world." --- Irwin Edman