Friday, December 16, 2005


"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."
— Scott Adams

Steam is rising off the roof. Last night we had an ice storm the power was off when I awoke this morning we get our water from a well so no power means the pump doesn’t work, no water having no electric power is inconvenient but I worry about no water the toilets don’t work. All the inconvenience of camping and none of the fun…
I am enjoying the luxury of electric power and water again as I drink my cup of tea. Normally I prefer coffee. Last week I decided to try to be a little healthier I’d try drinking green tea since its good for me. I bought a box of Tazo Om I like that om doesn’t it sound good? The box says organic green teas and a hint of black teas I’d like it better if it was more than a hint actually Id like it better if it was black tea but for green tea its pretty good.
I’ve been writing my blog thinking no one is reading it the only people I’ve told about it are my mother and brother I know there are a lot of mistakes in it but I just figured Ill fix them later, sometime. Today my Mother told me she sent the link to thirty people including a reading English teacher. You’re not surprised that I suddenly feel motivated to clean up some of the mistakes are you?

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