Saturday, March 10, 2007

Getting up early Sunday morning I caught the train into Manhattan. I was attending a class at YJ’s and bleary eyed I stopped at Star Bucks for some caffeine reinforcement which made me late for class as I slipped into class and sat down the room was filled with the beautiful tones of a man was playing the bowls. I was enchanted by the beautiful sounds I later after he was done playing I learned that his name is Ira it was a beautiful beginning for a wonderful class.
This week Ive been slightly under the weather all week long but it has also been a week with blessings Sundays class Tuesday I complained about my dizziness to Minay my acupuncturist something Ive complained to my doctors about for years and to my joy she was able to make the dizziness go away. Tuesday evening I went to hear a sound healer play the flute and harp for a blissful hour and a half.
Wednesday I had some time between my therapist appointment and my doctor appointment so I stopped by the bookstore and picked up a copy of a book Dr Woo recommended to me The Cheap Bastard's Guide to New York City its full of cheep and free things to do such as in June The Metropolitan Opera Company plays in Central Park anyway Ive been sitting with book in hand and computer planning all the fun things I am going to do.


Leah said...

that sounds like the perfect book for nyc!

that sounds like a wonderful class. and it sounds like you have many more wonderful experiences ahead!

z said...

ah ha, you had a pinched nerve. We have been having a similar situation. Too much computer time. And for me also. Too much sewing and art work. We are better too.
Glad you are out and about again.

Elizabeth said...

That sounds like a book full of promising artist's dates to me... have fun! E