Sunday, September 24, 2006

Second Chakra

A beautiful orange rock I saw today while on my walk
orange the color for the second chakra
I especialy love orange when used with soft mossy green or celadon

While reading True Balance I kept thinking I am not very balanced not that that is any big surprise one of my reasons for reading the book is that I want more balance and serenity in my life. After reading Potato Prints list I decided to see if I could make one of my own.

Things that ballance me
Walks on the beach or at the park
Chakra meditation group
Sitting in the garden
Taking a nap
Writing poetry or in my Journal
Peter’s workshops
Drinking water
Fresh air
After writing my list today I went for a lovely walk in the park and had a short but lovely stop at the beach.


silverlight said...

Shakras are the sockets we use to plug into the energy of the greater conciousness of the Universe. By doing which, we realine, rejuvinate and balance ourselves.
It's like drinking avery nice cup of tea.

kerrdelune said...

It's a marvellous rock with its orange and its lichens. Orange and green, orange and electric blue, orange and deep purply indigo - orange is a colour for all seasons and particularly this season (and I LOVE stones of all shapes, sizes and colours).

Potato Print said...

Hi Harmony,
I somehow missed this post on chakras. Just READING your list made me feel balanced! Interesting about acupuncture. I tried six sessions of it last year and really profited from it. My illness or disorder was stress. The treamtments made a big difference. I wish I'd had the money to continue. I hope you are able to treat yourself to some of these balancing activities this weekend.

melba said...

Loved reading your list. What is a chakra workshop like?