Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Started the day off by sleeping late. Made such a big rush to get things done and get ready to leave but I was late for the ferry and had a long wait for the next one. Fortunately the subway only took me about twenty minutes so I was on time to my appointment at the Swedish Institute

Wow! Acupuncture was fantastic! I feel surreal; nobody could really feel this good. Waifan, the acupuncturist, put needles in my head today. Oddly enough they felt pretty good. One of the needles she put in my left wrist made my fingers feel numb but as soon as she took it out the numbness went away. Waifan invited me to come back tomorrow for a acupuncture treatment at their grand rounds; I am looking forward to that. I feel wonderful! Acupuncture is amazing!

Afterwards I walked by the Regional Thai restaurant. Every time I walk by it I think Tai sounds so good but this time I turned around and went back and ordered some of their vegetable dumplings and a cup of tea. I am amazed that I actually ate in a restaurant alone. I eat in coffee shops or get food to go when I am alone. I think this may be the first time I went out to eat by myself.

It was 3:30 so the place was pretty close to empty. The waiter gave me a window seat; the food was attractively presented; the waiter was gorgeous. As soon as I had ordered I wondered what had possessed me; I wasn't even really hungry. But I am already looking at the menu I took with me asking myself if I want to try the spring rolls or the red curry vegetables next time. They have a vegetarian steak - grilled tofu steak with mushrooms, lime leaf and red pahang sauce. What is red pahang sauce? There is even a lemongrass beef salad. I am making myself hungry and I just ate! I feel like I have been so self indulgent today. Maybe this should count as an Artist date. Can Artist dates just happen or do they need to be planned?


Endment said...

Love the picture --- looks a bit like my day.

Your descriptions of food make me hungry

Anonymous said...

OH! That was such an artist's date! Good for you getting comfortable eating alone-- it all depends on the restaurant-- but if it's small-- I definitely don't hesitate to go in by myself.

And--- acupuncture is so good--- how did you decide to pursue it?


GreenishLady said...

It has to have been an Artist's Date - you were feeding your dreaming and curious self, weren't you? Doing something new? Stepping into the unfamiliar. I would love to do that. Just have to find the right restaurant. Call it a spontaneous Date, maybe.