Thursday, February 09, 2006


Waifan invited me to her classes ground round for an acupuncture treatment from one of the class instructors.The instructor gave me a treatment for my stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen and hearing. The instructor and the class asked me all kinds of questions like, does my stomach bother me, what color is my urine? Did I fell hot or cold? Was I close to my parents, was I the eldest child? Did I have any food cravings? How long had I had problems with anxiety?Then she had me stick out my tongue so everyone could see it. They talked about my tongue apparently it has a few faults one of them being its the wrong color (why do I find that amusing?)The instructor took my pulse then she talked to the class about what was wrong with my pulse.After that about half the class took turns taking my pulse. A personal record for the most people I've ever had take my pulse in ten minutes if only I had thought to count.
I felt a tiny bit self concise, But the class was very nice and everyone was very friendly.
I feel differently after my acupuncture treatment today than I did yesterday, yesterday I felt completely blissful, today I feel serene, calm and very peaceful.

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