Monday, November 27, 2006

Ten Things I Love

my latest encaustic

Today is raining on my serenity
Ragged around the edges
I think of my warm bed with fondness
A friendly book to share covers
Or perhaps I’ll Just burrow down into the
Dark depths of the warm blankets

Ten things I love
Prune Danish
Warm tea
A lazy afternoon at the bookstore
A new Jenifer Crusiebook
I was going to write ten things I love but for some reason today they just won’t come to mind
Looking for seashells on the beach
Morton bird refuge where the chickadees eat sunflower seeds from my hand
Well Ive made it to eight just two more to go
Going to an art museum and number ten buying a new scarf
I am taging endment and silverlight for their 10 favorites


Endment said...

Great list - I love hand feeding chickadees - think that is the thing on your list I want to do next.
Will try to post mine tomorrow

Endment said...

Ok Harmony - it took me awhile - especially putting in the links but I finally posted Ten Things I Love

silverlight said...

So, make it a soggy serienity.
I had a time coming up with things I Love. Love is a very strong word.

Anonymous said...

Here from endment - loved the visit.